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Alexandrite 2.00ct Ceylon – Sri lanka – High Quality Gemstone

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Alexandrite 2.00ct Ceylon – Sri Lanka – High-Quality Gemstone

Weight: 2.00

Clarity: VS

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In 1830, the first alexandrites were discovered in Russia’s Urals. However, there are virtually no high-quality stones available on the global market today. Other countries are assisting. The mineral’s most intriguing attribute is that it changes color from green to reddish tones depending on the type of sunlight. This is a stone for the astute. Indeed, it frequently seems black under regular light.

Alexandrite is a form of the mineral chrysoberyl that exhibits color shifts. Chrysoberyl is a beryllium aluminate with the formula BeAl2O4. Alexandrite is the third hardest natural gemstone discovered and ranks 8.5 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, behind corundum (9) and topaz (8).


Alexandrite is widely regarded for its regenerative properties and is said to aid in self-centering, reaffirming self-esteem, and boosting one’s capacity to feel joy and beauty. Additionally, it is known to restore harmony between the manifested physical world and the unmanifest astral or spiritual world. Alexandrite activates the head chakra, granting access to the universe’s healing energy and loving care. Alexandrite is reputed to aid in the treatment of bodily disorders. It is highly recommended for patients recovering from surgery or a prolonged sickness, as this stone is considered to promote blood circulation by cleaning the blood and strengthening the blood vessels.


Due to their scarcity, alexandrites are rarely greater than 5 carats in products. Because the stones are frequently dark in color, they attempt to make their frames as open as possible on all sides. Please keep in mind that the purity of the Ural chrysoberyls with color change is significantly less than that of stones from Tanzania, Brazil, India, and Sri Lanka. It should be noted that the goods appear fantastic with the “sprinkling” of little spherical Brazilian specimens.


If you’re looking for a set of alexandrites to wear as earrings and a ring, avoid stones that are larger than 2-3 carats each. If we look at not very huge stones from Brazil, there is a chance to locate something identical in all criteria on the global market. Sri Lanka could possibly receive assistance from other countries. Prepare to pay a premium for the set in comparison to a single piece; the price of a single stone from the set might be 1.5-2 times the price of a stone from the set.


For sophisticated collectors, alexandrite is available from the world’s major mining countries: Tanzania, Brazil, India, Sri Lanka, and, of course, Russia’s Urals. Many international collectors fantasize about acquiring a mineral crystal in the shape of a hexagonal “pawn” from the Urals for their collection. Notably, similar “pawns” have been discovered in Zimbabwe. Additionally, unusual alexandrites carved into cabochon shapes with the appearance of a cat’s eye may be of interest.


Alexandrites are constantly increasing in price as a result of great demand and a scarcity of high-quality cut samples available on the world market. For investment purposes, specimens weighing up to 5 carats and possessing excellent reverse and cleanliness are an excellent choice. It is worthwhile to select alexandrite that is free of visible impurities and fissures. Keep an eye out for the presence of an expert opinion from a recognized laboratory, as this will serve as the sole proof of provenance.


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Alexandrite 2.00ct Ceylon – Sri lanka – High Quality Gemstone
Alexandrite 2.00ct Ceylon – Sri lanka – High Quality Gemstone


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